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Our sustainability journey started recently, here is how we’re practising sustainable Travel. The world we live in is unsustainable if we don’t change to make it a better place to visit. We’re committed to practices that conserve nature, benefit local people directly, protect animal welfare and manage our carbon footprint.

Minimizing the use of single-use plastics &  waste

We are educating our guests on sustainability. 80% of our guests are helping us protect the environment by using reusable plastic bottles. Are you comfortable with this?

Walking tours to reduce carbon footprint:

Our itineraries offer clients more opportunities for walking and trekking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our local guides, our partners!

Your tours will be led by a licensed expert local guide combined with a native site guide, who is sourced locally based on competitive recruitment.

Our guides pride themselves in not leaving their AC and engines when idling and educating clients about our commitment to sustainable actions.

Supporting local community:

We offer more opportunities for guests to eat from local verified restaurants.

We prioritize locally owned suppliers, including accommodations employing local staff from destinations on our travel plans. We educate suppliers to use less plastic packaging.

For example, clients stay at Ride4woman, a woman-owned social enterprise, helping teach skills to women to sustain their lives.

Off-the-beaten-path experiences:

our itineraries are designed to take clients off the beaten path and away from the typical tourist attractions, without crowds.

Our walking tours connect clients to buy locally made souvenirs in villages directly. Our community tours.

Sustainable office operations:

We aim at using reusable water bottles and aim at no plastics in all situations, digitalizing operations as we minimize paper printing.

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